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Welcome to Techno Metal

Our Story

We love diversity, variety and exploitation. The adventure started in 1970 in Lebanon. Our success was known back then as “Metalomine” company. Eight years later, the political instability (sadly) forced us to move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where “Saudico” was awarded various governmental projects.

Ten years later the cool breeze of the coast lines attracted us to Egypt where “Techno Metal” contributed in the construction of its touristic sector (In both Alexandria and Sharam).

With an eye on the economic boom of Qatar, “Techno Metal” now hunts the right time to move in 2010 to Doha.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to enjoy an active developing role in the region through diversified Aluminum & Steel projects that will exceed our customers’ expectations as well as achieve satisfaction to our employees and stakeholders”..
Mission Statement
Our company’s mission is to deliver high quality finished Aluminum & steel works that will exceed customers’ expectations. We constantly strive to add value to our stakeholders and returns for our partners.

Our Values:

  • Business principle: We act credibly and with integrity in all of our operations.

    Workplace: We have competent and committed young employees, and provide safe and healthy working conditions.

    Market conduct: we have good, and honest relationships with all of our stakeholders.

    Community relations: We maintain good, respectful and constructive community relations.

    Environment: We constantly improve our environmental performance by applying sound and sustainable principles in our day to day operations.

    Managing Director

    Youssef began his career in 1976 in the United Arab Emirates as a sales manager for “CIPCO” (Ceiling & Internal Partitions Co). In 1986 he returned to Lebanon and worked as the Public Relations Manager for “Kachouh Bros for Aluminum Ceiling & Shatters”. During 1997 he owned his own establishment with many projects marking his success, which a few of them include: the Lebanese University Campus, administration offices of Rafic Hariri International Airport, the Habtoor City Hotel, the Saint Joseph schools and all branches of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music.

    In 2005, he moved to Doha, Qatar in order to continue his experience and became partner and General Manager of “Specialist Trading & Contracting” company. A few of many projects in Qatar include false ceilings and partitions for villa’s and compounds, more than 20 towers, extension of Landmark shops, many of the Pearl, City Center, Hayat Plaza and Villagio shops, as well as Nakilat and the Safety college projects in Ras Lafan.

    Executive Manager

    Soulaiman has worked in many Gulf states. Two years in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh and Jeddah, with the company “ELCIR for Aluminum & Decorations”, and later moved to Kuwait with the same company.

    In 1978, he worked in Abu Dhabi as a free lancer in aluminum before he moved back to Lebanon to continue building up his experience by managing his own aluminum establishment. In 1990, he travelled to Wellington, New Zealand, to work with the world wide company “Drywall System” (a division of Angus Industries, Ltd.) and later managed his own firm, the “Jiboard Services Ltd.” He then moved to Saudi Arabia- Al Riyadh, where he worked as roads/grounds pavement maintenance and airfields supervisor / superintendent for “Saudi Oger”.

    He is now the Executive Manager of “Techno Metal” in Doha, where he is able to use his vast experience gained over the years for the benefit of this wide industry.

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Our Portfolio

Steel Poles

Steel poles installed at Simaisma site.

Poles Installation

Steel poles under installation.

VIP Entrance

Installation work at VIP entrance.

VIP Entrance

Installation work at VIP entrance.

Boom Gates

Automatic gates, Boom Gates installation.

Decorative steel railing

Railing at any type of designs.

Portfolio detailed

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Our Services


Aluminum finished works are our core business.

Our designs, installation and maintenance of finished works extended to all our customers, consultants and general contractors consist of (but not limited to):

  • Standard curtain wall
  • Skylights
  • Doors and windows
  • Frameless supported point glazing
  • Cladding (metal and aluminum supports)
  • Shop fronts and facades
  • Steel

    Core business supported by a Steel works division.

    Our Steel works division specializes in accurate, quick-turnaround metal fabrication projects of all sizes. Our manufacturing processes are well suited to steel, and our engineers have very extensive experience in steel fabrication. Our designs, installation and maintenance of finished works consist of (but not limited to)

  • Metal cladding chassis
  • Lightweight steel structures
  • Wrought iron
  • Our Projects

    Thanks to our valued customers and contractors

    Completed projects fuel our pride in the industry. we can list few of our achievements over a period exceeding 30 years.

    Projects completed


    ► Al Sanayeh governmental palace - Beirut

    ► Solidere - Beirut

    ► Beirut college - Byblos

    ► Lebanese construction & development co. - Hazmieh

    ► Al Birkeh restaurant - Naccache

    Saudi Arabia

    ► Social services complex - Riyadh

    ► Postal services complex (airport) - Riyadh

    ► Chamber of commerce - Riyadh

    United Arab Emirates

    ► Dubai TV building - Dubai

    ► Sheikh Rashed Petroleum Building - Dubai


    ► Cambridge schools Egypt - Cairo

    ► Cairo seas hotel Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh

    ► St Georges hotel Egypt - Sharm el Sheikh

    ► Mustafa Kamel cairo seas complex Egypt - Alexandria

    ► Marmar village Egypt - Al Ghardaka


    ► Msheirib Building Qatar - Doha

    ► Aluminum Works for Arcon Company- Eng. Mohammad Nabil Qatar - Doha

    ► Aluminum Works for Noujoum Al Khaleej Company- Eng. Majed Samara Qatar - Doha

    ► Aluminum Works for Eltizam Company- Eng. Mohammad Moufid Qatar - Doha


    Aluminium Fabrication Projects

    Aluminum fabrication is a common requirement, and working with it presents its own set of challenges. Tehno Metal Fabricators has the expertise and manpower to get it right.

    Materials have different strengths and weaknesses, and you want someone who knows them well. Our experienced metal workers have spent years dealing with a wide variety of metals, including aluminum.

    Our team has taken on many kinds of projects: industrial, retail, construction, you name it. We’ll even tackle challenging projects that the other metal shops turn away.

    Whatever the project size, big or small, single item or production run, let us get you a quote for your aluminum fabrication job today. Call Techno Metal today to find out more about our aluminum fabrication services.

    Steel Fabrication Projects

    Whatever your project, you can expect the best results from our steel fabrication services.

    Our computer-controlled laser-cutting center uses the best technology available for steel fabrication work. Our equipment gives us the capacity to cut and fabricate almost any type of steel.

    Along with our well organized fabrication center, your steel part design and make it a reality.

    We handle most jobs, big and small, single item and production run. We’re open to the most challenging projects you can think of. Contact us for a quote today, and we’ll help you manage whatever steel fabrication project you have in mind.


    Get in touch with us today

    If you have general questions, or if you want to get a quote, please get in touch with us through our contact information below.

    Main office

    Address:   Industrial Area, Street 33 (gate 47, street 32) P.O.Box 201654, Doha, Qatar
    Phone:      +974 44 514 245
    FAX:           +974 44 514 237